$PIMS is a revenue-sharing utility token that powers the Pink Moon Studio Game ecosystem and its unique MMO Mythos Engine. It plays a crucial role in driving the economic engine of our platform, enabling transactions, rewarding participants, and supporting the development of innovative projects.


DISRUPTING a 50+ Billion Industry

The Mythos Engine is a cutting-edge Web3 MMO engine designed to transform game development. This proprietary technology enables you to build immersive "MMORPGs," eliminating the complexities of traditional coding. By streamlining the development process, the Mythos Engine allows you to concentrate on crafting compelling narratives and stunning visuals. Experience a new era of game creation where your artistic vision and storytelling take center stage, empowered by the innovative capabilities of the Mythos Engine.

Why We Launch $PIMS

At Pink Moon Studio, we are revolutionizing Web3 Gaming. We’re not just developing games; we’re creating immersive worlds where players truly own their experiences and assets. The launch of $PIMS marks a pivotal moment in our journey to disrupt the traditional MMO genre with innovative player-owned economies and groundbreaking development technology.

  • Massive Revenue Potential: MMOs rake in almost $50+ billion annually. Imagine tapping into even a fraction of that!

  • High Barrier to Entry: Building a MMO is a monumental task. We’ve cracked the code to cut down cost and increase speed to market.

  • Monetise Time with Player Owned Economies: Players invest significant time in MMOs, and with our Web3 model, they can monetize that investment like never before.

The Mythos Engine is Leading the Revolution

Introducing the Mythos MMO engine, the powerhouse behind the cross-platform MMO World of Kogaea. This isn’t just a game engine; it’s a game-changer.

 It allows us, and future licensing partners, to build a rich vibrant universe of interconnected Game Franchises, lowering user acquisition costs and increasing the likelihood of a new MMO Household Brand.

Rapid Speed to Market

Drastically slash development time.

Reduce Dev Costs Significantly

The 5 years of dev cycle is over!

Sustained Maintenance

Reduce ongoing development cycles with the help of JSON.


The MMO industry is waiting to be disrupted and we are leading the way.

Umberto Canessa Cerchi

CEO Pink Moon Studio

$PIMS Utility

Stake 4 Rewards

Stake $PIMS to receive value from the foundation and its partners. A portion of Pink Moon Studio's proceeds is set aside and distributed to $PIMS stakers, providing ongoing rewards and benefits for your participation.



$PIMS holders will vote to approve $PIMS Grants, playing a crucial role in shaping the future of our ecosystem. By becoming an active part of the community, you can influence the direction of the Ecosystem, ensuring it evolves in a way that benefits all participants.



Our ecosystem is based on Polygon POS, with $PIMS as the main token for our upcoming Pink Moon Studio blockchain on Polygon Supernets. $PIMS will function as both a Validator and Gas Token, securing and powering our network.


Earn $PIMS by Completing Missions!

Discover how to earn free PIMS by completing easy and fun missions.





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